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Material Handling 101 – Video

A free webinar offered by the Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute (GTSCL). During the webinar, Lee Hales introduced a unique, step-by-step, systematic approach to making material handling decisions.

The method serves as an ideal way for someone who doesn’t have any formal material handling training to get up to speed on fundamental material handling principles and concepts, classifications of material handling equipment, Systematic Handling Analysis (SHA), material handling evaluations, selections, and continuous improvements.

The webinar also provides a preview of our “Material Handling 101: Fundamentals, Analysis and Selection” course being held April 8-9 for 2015 on the Georgia Tech campus.

Manual Material Handling / Safe Lifting – V

Safe lifting is critical, but it is only one step in the material handling process. The material must then be moved safely and then put down properly. Mechanical devices or other assistance may be required.

Size and weight of the load, balance, travel path, foot positions, height of the object, arm positions and material handling equipment are all important factors that must be considered and put into practice